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Law of Attraction - The New Thought Movement

New Thought Movement have introduced many spiritual beliefs especially the Law of Attraction.
The New Thought Movement means spiritual beliefs that got developed during late 19th Century in the United States.
Though Law of Attraction is part of the movement, the Law of Attraction already been discovered during the previous centuries.
The Bible have taught us the truth about the Law of Attraction and so does other holy scriptures of other religions.
However, it did not directly mention it is the Law of Attraction.
Law of Attraction is modern age term used by recent teachers of the Law of Attraction.
It is the Universal Law discovered and used by only few people.
It all changed after the New Thought writers start to write about the original concept which is also known as the Mind Power.
Among all the New Thought writers back in previous century, two of the best are James Allen from United Kingdom and Wallace Wattles from the America.
Though James Allen writings are more preferable for new Law of Attraction learners, it is Wallace Wattles writing that inspired the Law of Attraction documentary film called The Secret.
This is the film that have introduced the Law of Attraction to millions of people in our modern age.
Law of Attraction by the New Thought Movement According to the New Thought Movement, positive thoughts will attract more positive outcomes into our life.
The Law of Attraction will manifest in our reality based on the thoughts we send to the Universe.
So, the New Thought Movement actually spreads the knowledge and importance of positive thinking.
It also taught everything starts in the mind.
Law of Attraction writings by New Thought writers There are many inspirational writings on the Law of Attraction started being published during the New Thought Movement.
Even before the movement, there were writings that actually influenced the movement itself.
An example is the book called "As A Man Thinketh" written by James Allen and published in 1902, yet until today, it is the best book can be recommended to anyone who wants to learn and master the Law of Attraction.

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