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Stop Being Jealous of Others" Successes and Create Your Own Success

How often do you visit the website of someone pursuing the career you dream of having and it makes you angry? Do you stop to consider what about the person or site makes your angry? Could you be jealous that: 1.
The person or company you are looking at has an amazing website filled with content.
They have been interviewed by major publications or have been on Oprah 3.
Their list of books, audio programs, or keynotes is astounding 4.
It appears from their website that the person or business is successful Right now you may be boiling with rage that some author, speaker, or information marketer is making the money that you should be making.
Why? What steps have you taken today to build the business of your dreams? What books have you written, what audio programs have you produced, what blogs have you started, or what persons have you worked with to get you from where you are to where you want to be? The Magical Manifestation Myth Many of us, myself included, have spent most of the past few years wandering around thinking that all we have to do is buy one more book, listen to one more teleseminar, or attend one more event and we will be successful.
We have gotten it in our heads that all we need to do is think about being successful enough and success will magically manifest itself in our lives.
It is a nice thought, but constantly buying more products that tell you to dream and you will succeed is not going to help you succeed.
What it is going to take to be successful is: 1.
Stop spending all of your time being jealous of another's success and figure out what you love to do that will allow you to be successful.
This can be speaking, writing, jogging, or creating new products.
Whatever you love to do and that you can make money doing, then write it down and research what it takes be successful.
Join a group or association that supports your career.
At most major libraries they have a reference series called the Encyclopedia of Associations.
The Encyclopedia lists every association for every conceivable interest that you might have.
Write down the contact information and call, write, or visit the website of the associations that are in the area of your interest.
Join and participate in the association or group if they provide the support you need to learn, grow, and thrive in your chosen field of interest.
Do the work that is required to build your brand, promote your work, and get in front of people that will help you grow in your chosen field.
You are not going to be a success overnight, but if you work hard at your chosen field, then you will realize the success that you are seeking.
Stop Thinking and Start Doing Stop being jealous of others' successes and take the steps forward to model what they did to be successful.
Your success is not guaranteed, but if you are passionate about what you are doing, connecting with others doing what you love to do, and doing the work to break into your field, then you will realize success.
Stop thinking and start doing.

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