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The Principle of Timing!

Do you understand the principle of timing? Timing is a crucial and intricate part of anything that you do.
Personally I have a very different view of timing to most people, I'm a firm believer that "its never the wrong time to do the right thing.
" In my personal experience there are very few reasons to "wait" for the timing of any given situation to be perfect to execute your plan of action.
If you are in the armed forces and you have planned an attack on an enemy stronghold and the attack has been coordinated with three attacking forces all converging on the enemy from three different sides all at the exact same time, then your timing is of paramount importance.
However those situations are very few and far between.
Most people use timing as an excuse to not do something, to put something off, they use the old line, " the timing isn't right.
" Nearly all of these people are kidding themselves and they are kidding you too, they are making excuses for not following through, for not chasing their dreams, they are procrastinating and using "timing" as an excuse.
I can assure you of this, because I used to be one of those people, I used to use the excuse that the timing "wasn't right" as a reason for not getting out of my comfort zone, for not chasing my dreams, for not demanding more from life.
I hid behind the excuse that the timing wasn't right, when really I was scared of the unknown, I was scared of failure, I was so scared of failure that I had rationalised to myself that It was better to live a life of quiet desperation than to chase my dreams, the thought of taking myself out of my comfort zone was scary, (maybe you know someone like that) however getting out of your comfort zone is the only way that you will ever grow as a person, it took me a long time to understand that.
There are very few times in your life that your timing will have a drastic effect on your desired outcome, I wouldn't advise anybody to march into their boss's office and demand a pay rise right after the latest sales figures have come in and their 50% down on the last quarter.
That isn't a timing issue, that's a stupidity issue.
Most timing issues are simply a matter of common sense.

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