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Manifesting Money As Nature Intended

Manifesting Money - Naturally!

There are any amount of web sites, ebooks and sources that may tell you that manifesting money is a sort of feat only achievable by people who have mastered the law of attraction. The plain truth is that the law of attraction requires no more mastery than the law of gravity, and manifesting money - or indeed anything more isn't so much an ability to be found but instead a natural power we've merely forgotten the easy way to use.

Money, of course , in whatever form it comes, ( coin, note, check, electronic blip ), is only symbolic of worth. Who or what determines that worth? Collectively, we do, but since the collective mind is no more real than'value' or'confidence in the market', ( the invisible force that drives the stock exchange roller-coasters ), it's actually a relatively easy matter to decide that you will personally establish the worth of something. Manifesting money then becomes a matter of intention.

Let us take a look at the ingredients of the manifesting process. The first of these is trust, which is to claim, trust in the forces of nature. As children, I'm very sure we never question if our needs will be met. Nourishment, in the form of milk, 'materialises'. Although it's captivating to dismiss this as merely the mother replying to her baby's cries, it isn't so simple to explain how 'nature' knows to provide the mother with milk manufacturing hormones, any more than it's possible to explain how your body knows to send clotting agents to even a small wound *the moment* the injury happens! No medicine yet made can concentrate on areas of the body so meticulously or so fast.

Nature provides everything, and since we are a part of nature, it would be both churlish and conceited to say that we don't have this power too.

The second ingredient in the act of manifesting money is focus. As a human, you have the ability to focus your thoughts and attention. If you concentrate on your shortage of cash, you may simply attract more shortage of cash. As I pointed out earlier, this is a matter of intention - your intention. This is the same power that enables, say, a parrot to speak or even sing in what sounds like human language. The parrot not only has a brain a miniscule fragment of the dimensions of a human one, but it has no lips or teeth, and its tongue could hardly be more different from ours. And yet, as it has the intention to mimic, it achieves this incredible feat!

Against this, manifesting money is a minor accomplishment. If we could read the parrot's mind, perhaps we might be in a position to'hear' it mentally rehearsing the sounds it eventually makes. It might never say to itself,'I'll never do that! It's far too difficult!' We could learn plenty from this bird brain!

The third and basically final ingredient in the act of manifesting money is inspired action. This is easily understood if you're taking a more tangible example. Suppose you want to drive to a town a couple of hundred miles from your home. Now you have that aim - the intention of arriving safely, and probably by a certain time. You trust in your ability to drive your car, and even to manage hazards and obstructions, should they happen, on the way. Out of that target and trust now naturally comes action. You pack your bags, perhaps. You take a look at your map or you set your GPS correctly . You check that the auto is fit for the drive and you have enough fuel in the tank, cash and the like.

All of your actions are aimed towards the same intended outcome. You don't indulge in doubt. You are not saying to yourself,'I bet I can't do this. This journey's never going to work out...' or any words to that effect!

Manifesting money is no different! Your actions will be inspired - informed if you like, by your intention. Now, if you change that design, as many folks do sometimes by the hour when it comes to manifesting money or any other aspect of the law of attraction, by doubting the end result, you will change your actions. So, for instance, as soon as you permit the concept,'I do not believe this could work,' the following thought is likely to be,'So there's no point in doing X,' - whatever X was going to be!

And there you have it. Manifesting money - nature's way!

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