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You"ll Stay Motivated If You First Discover What You Really Enjoy Doing

Is personal growth important to you? Would you like to learn more about yourself and your dreams? If so, take a piece of paper and list 15 favorite things you enjoy doing for fun. Just allow yourself to randomly jot down ideas. If you come up with more than 15, that's great. Here's an example:

(1) List your favorite activities
(2) Next to your favorite activity write down how long it's been since you enjoyed that activity
(3) Write down if you enjoyed the activity by yourself or with others

Once you have made your list, review it and ask yourself two questions: When did you last do this activity and do you need other people to do it? Write down your answers next to the list. You might consider whether these activities require advance planning, whether they support you mentally or physically, and whether they are structured or unstructured. Like a good detective, take time to really learn about yourself and study your personal preferences. All of this information is quite useful when determining your dreams. Identifying your favorite activities gives significant clues about what you find meaningful and enjoyable.

Learning About Yourself

As you review your list, you'll probably see a pattern. Say that the things you love to do often require little or no planning. You're probably a spontaneous, fun loving person.

If most of your favorite activities require advance planning, you probably prefer a highly organized lifestyle. You are less likely to do things spontaneously and more likely to plan your life.
If physical risk is involved in most of your favorite activities, you probably prefer excitement over security, freedom over structure and creativity over analysis. If most of your favorite activities are about your physical health, that's a key priority for you and something you value highly. Many of your life choices will be based on whether something is good for you physically. Keeping yourself fit is probably a primary goal in your life.

Study this list and you may learn things about yourself which you might not have known before. Your favorite activities provide valuable clues about what gets you fired up. They say a great deal about your personality and values.

One question you need to ask when you look at this list is--how long it's been since you did the things you love. When you do things that get you fired up it's likely that you are often happy and have a cheerful attitude. If you have not done any of your favorite things recently, you may want to treat yourself as a reward for achieving a goal you set.

Picture how great it will be when you can spend more time doing the things you're excited about. Imagine how terrific your life will be when every day you are living your dreams, fired up about your life, doing what you want to do with the people you love and enjoy most!

Blend What You Love to Do With Building Your Business or Profession

A great way to get the most out of your investment in building your business or profession is to mix business with pleasure. Whenever there's a business trip that's out of town, you could go there early or stay longer to see the local attractions. You'll be investing in your future, while enjoying the present. Check your financial situation and schedule before you make your plans.

Now Take These Action Steps

Complete the "My Favorite Activities" list
Read over your list and learn more about yourself.
Schedule in one of your favorite activities as a reward for reaching a goal in your business or profession.
Look at your out-of-town schedule. Consider how you could blend some pleasure in with business by staying a day or two longer.

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