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Opportunities Are Boundless in the Physical and Spiritual World

It would be fair to say that this message will apply to all of you, yet we already know that for those who need it the most, denial and resistance will be your mode of mentality.
God created a universe with all the tools necessary for every person to feel radiant love.
Opportunities are boundless.
Love descends from all around, giving you a chance to feel absorbed in the very essence of His love for you.
That said, people will almost always fight their destiny.
It is the hardest way to live a physical life.
We say this because it leaves you sending a message of distrust to the Divine powers.
You are saying that you would much rather stay in what feels comfortable to you, rather than to embrace and explore the newness of grandeur that Spirit wants to give you.
Those who deny us are the ones who continue to stay entrenched in limiting patterns of behavior.
You are held back by a fear of love and happiness, instead of motivating yourself to accept that some other way of living might be better then the current path you are following.
Ultimately, you end up hurting yourself the most, but you also leave a wake of broken souls along the way.
That sentence is not meant to make you feel guilty, but to get you to understand the truth within your own buried subconscious ideas and actions.
Spirit is your parachute to safe landings.
Do you think we would send promising choices to you without staying around to help you through the uncomfortable times that your new journey might bring? Of course not! Like the invisible spring zephyrs that gently make the new flowers dance without trying, we also are doing our best to make your heart and soul dance.
It is you who needs to step away from your overly analytical ways.
Enjoy the life that others can instill in you.
It is alright to make changes when you know you are not in a place you want to be.
Let the Trinity be your tourist guide.
At least give us the chance to show you how wonderful new things and people can be.
Check your worries and fears at the door of God.
Let us be the ones to take the burden from you.
You will always have choices in life.
It is part of the human process; part of the Creation.
Spirit only wants you to be honest with yourself in very deep levels.
This is the way that you can absorb the miraculous feeling of being with someone or doing things that make you feel like you are in an enchanted storybook version of your own life.
Stray away from all the excuses of why you cannot break the bonds that hold you back! If you were not meant to explore more of life, then new possibilities would not present themselves to you.
Seek contentment as though it is warm robe made of angelic kisses.
These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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