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How to Influence People Without Them Knowing

Have you ever gotten into a confrontation with someone and instantly gone into battle with them, only to both walk away still feelings the same about the topic as when you walked in? Well, I'm going to tell you how to pull these people on to your side without the arguing and pushing most people try to use.
For years I was like most everyone in the world, when I felt strongly about something, and someone told me I was wrong, I instantly became defensive.
I wouldn't let anything anyone said change my mind, and the battle would never end.
Now, I'm entirely the opposite.
I'm going to now tell you how to influence people, without the argument.
First rule of the argument: Don't argue.
The other person is never wrong, at least don't tell them that.
The main thing to keep in mind is if you tell someone they are wrong, then they will become defensive.
People care more about themselves than about everyone else.
Don't believe me? Test it.
Ask someone about someone else.
Then ask them about themselves.
How long did they talk about each? Chances are they spoke about themselves much longer than they spoke about the other person, unless that person was their child or something.
Bottom line, never tell them they're wrong.
The second thing to keep in mind is to always agree with the other person.
Don't try to correct them if they say something out of context or incorrect.
This is a great way to start an argument.
Instead, merely present the possibility that they may be out of context for the given situation, then provide your concrete reasoning behind your statement.
You must be prepared to explain yourself before you do this.
Remember, ALWAYS agree.
Don't forget these two points and your life will be golden from here on out.
It's really easy once you learn how to do it, and you'll make/keep more friends in the process:).

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