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How Leaders LEVERAGE Their Strengths

Every individual who has ever ascended to any position of leadership has brought with him, some personal set of strengths (or assets) and weaknesses.
What truly distinguishes the great leader from the rest of the pack is how he puts those areas that he excels in, into use, and to their greatest advantage.
In my over three decades of qualifying, developing, training, consulting to well over a thousand leaders , and serving in positions of leadership, I have come to realize that it far too often appears to be a challenge and obstacle, for many individuals to objectively identify and admit they are human and thus have both strengths and weaknesses.
Once one develops this type of mindset and objective introspection, he becomes best able to LEVERAGE both their strengths and weaknesses, to their best advantage and utilization.
As in nearly everything in life, this must begin with both the willingness and ability to learn all one can.
Only once learning transforms to meaningful knowledge, and genuine expertise is developed, can one truly end up leading by example.
When someone is comfortable with himself, he develops the ability (skill) to energize his organization and all its stakeholders, by using his strengths to the best advantage, while addressing areas of weakness in a meaningful manner.
One must begin with a vibrant, vital vision that helps guide them and their objectives.
Doing so permits a real leader to continuously reach out and connect to new visitors and fully explain and use the finest virtues.
It's never about merely knowing and understanding one's strengths and weaknesses.
Rather, greatness comes from the focus on being willing to employ one's efforts in the most effective and efficient manner.
True leaders don't merely sit back and wait for others to step forth, or for things to occur.
They continuously reach out and emphasize remaining relevant.
The mindset must be that in order to be most impactful, a real leader must be willing to articulate his rationale in a rational, reasonable and realistic manner.
Are you willing to continuously use your assets to their best avail, while admitting (at least to yourself) your personal weaknesses, and address the weaker areas either by improving personal skills, or finding an inner circle of trusted advisors that you can depend up and trust in those areas? 7.
Will you merely settle for being in leadership, or will you be willing to gear up and seek greatness? 8.
One can never be a meaningful leader until and unless he focuses on empathy, because they honestly enjoy helping and serving others, and addressing needs and priorities! You can either strive to become better, or settle for something less! If you really want to lead, you must be able and willing to LEVERAGE and utilize your finest strengths, assets and abilities.

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