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Practical Manifesting Tools - How to Use a Success Journal For Faster Manifesting

One of the core concepts of practical psychology is that you get more of what you reinforce.
One of the easiest ways to increase your manifesting results is to review your previous successes with manifesting before you begin a new project.
This reminds you of all the neat things you've already accomplished and revives the states of mind you've already been in many times before.
If you're serious about your manifesting experiments, then the easiest way to get better results with virtually no extra effort, is simply by keeping a journal of your progress.
Here's what I mean by this - go and grab a notepad or diary or if you prefer setup a word processor file that you're going to use daily, starting now, to record the manifesting projects you're working on, what techniques you're learning and applying and what results you've obtained, along with your thoughts, opinions and ideas for future improvements.
The difference in skill level and physical results between people who do this simple step and those who try to keep it all in their heads is enormous.
Not only will this easy practice accelerate how good you get at manifesting techniques, and thus speed up the attainment of virtually anything you desire from life, it builds into a unique library of personal accomplishment you'll enjoy reading back over in the months ahead.
It also helps to keep you fairly disciplined (in a laid back and playful way of course) about how often you've actually used particular techniques, which ones you liked the most, which ones you got the best results from, which can and does vary to a degree from person to person.
So go and get one now! A good place to start with is right where you are now with whichever manifesting process appeals to you the most.
  A recommended training and development program might be to pick a drill or two you like the sound of and has a solid track record and thoroughly learn it first.
You'd be surprised how many people jump in at the deep end with mind control processes, especially when learned from books, and expect instant mastery.
I like to write all the steps out by hand or rewrite them in my own words really wire the process in, THEN put it to the test on several fairly easy targets to get an idea of whether or not the process is something I'm going to keep in my toolbox.
A sensible approach would be to use a manifesting method daily on little things for a couple of weeks until you've got the technique down.
From there I would usually expect some opportunity to get the goal, or the goal itself to have arrived inside a few days, once I was happy I'd mastered the technique.
If you get your target faster, just go get something else as well! If you're more adventurous, feel free to repeat the drill as many times a day as you like, an approach I sometimes employ if I want to get maximum experience in the minimum time.

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