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Ways to React When Someone Has Stolen Your Idea

Chances are that at some point in your life, someone is going to steal a great idea that you have.
This happens to people from all walks of life and in various fields of work.
Perhaps this has happened recently to you, and you're wondering about some of the ways to react.
Be Respectful When someone has stolen your idea, it's easy to get upset.
You may even feel angry or resentful towards the other person.
While it's healthy to feel emotional over such a situation, it's not okay to attack them or be disrespectful in any way.
Unfortunately some people react this way, which I do not recommend.
I'm a firm believer in the saying, "an eye for an eye makes the world go blind.
" It's important that you treat them with respect, no matter how grand or profitable your idea was.
You should be the bigger person and accept what happened, granted that it's not grounds for a legal dispute.
Talking it Out Might Help Depending on the type of idea you had, you can approach the person to discuss it with them.
I don't know if you're concerned about a "million dollar idea" that was going to be a new invention or some kind of business idea at work that may land the other person a promotion.
You're going to have to use some discretion when deciding whether or not you should talk to them.
It's appropriate in some situations, and in others it's not.
When in doubt, ask some trusted friends for advice.
If you decide to talk to the person involved, keep in mind they may not have realized they stole your idea.
It's best to keep the approach neutral rather than confrontational.
Your goal isn't to make them feel bad, change their mind, or reward you.
By talking to them, you give yourself the opportunity to be heard and the other person a chance to be aware of your feelings.
Take Personal Responsibility I think the most important thing for you to take away from this article isn't necessarily how to resolve the act of someone stealing your idea.
This may not be something that's "fixable," as so to speak.
How you react internally and continue to do in the future is what matters the most, not what the other person does or gains.
You may have lost the potential for your own idea to go far because you didn't speak up when you had the opportunity.
Many people experience this at work.
When it comes time for group meetings, professional evaluations, or brainstorming sessions, be sure to share your ideas with everyone openly and formally.
Don't hold back in fear of judgment, and don't be selective with whom you share your ideas.
That's when others have the chance to use the idea for themselves or share what you've been thinking all along, which makes you feel like it was stolen.
If you're concerned that someone will take your idea and run with it, document it first before telling anyone else.
As you can see, there are several ways to react when someone steals your idea.
My hope is that you can take it in stride and come up with even better, rewarding ideas in the future.

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