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Four Steps to Goal Setting

When setting goals it is important to know if the goal is realistically attainable.
Time is precious; you don't want to waste it moving toward a goal that you will never be able to realize.
So, how can you quickly evaluate the attainability of your goal? Ask your-self these four questions: Do I have the Desire to realize this goal? Do I have the Ability to realize this goal? Do I have the Resources to realize this goal? Do I have the power to Execute this goal? D DESIRE: In order to reach a goal you must have the desire to do so.
Desire comes from deep within you and is never imposed upon you.
You may have a project or assignment that is imposed upon you, but if your goal is to finish the project in a specific time frame, you need to create the desire to do so.
AABILITY You must possess the ability to attain your desired goal.
If you, like me, have the proverbial two left feet, you do not have the ability to reach a desired goal of being a ballet dancer.
You may, however, have the ability to become accomplished at Yoga or Tai Chi, both incorporating the fluidity of ballet, but not needing quite so much expertise.
Your desire hinges on your abilities.
RRESOURCES Given that you possess the desire and the ability to reach your goal, you must evaluate if you have the proper resources.
Do you have the time, energy, money and support that you need available to you?If your desired goal is to start a new business, have you calculated the money you will need and planned how to get it? Have you thought about where the time will come from to dedicate to the new start-up?Will your energy level sustain the additional workload?Do you have a support network that will bolster and comfort you when you need? EEXECUTION This is the step that makes a goal a reality.
Are you able to execute the plan you have put in place?Do you have the power to make your goal a reality?Can you follow through even when there are obstacles in your path?Have you thought through the process of attaining your goal?Do you have the Desire, Ability and Resources to Execute?If you can answer yes to these questions then you are ready to make your goal live.

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