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Self Hypnosis Relaxation Methods - Relaxation Technique

In order for self hypnosis to work and a personal trance to be induced, it is vital that you can achieve a relaxed state.
There are many ways in which you can achieve this but the body relaxation or progressive relaxation technique is one of the most simple yet effect methods.
This is done after the breathing exercises and prior to the self hypnosis induction.
In order to full relax it is important that you can identify physical stress within the body.
This is normally evident by tension with the muscles.
Whilst we are stressed we often are unaware of the amount of tension that has built up within us.
Posture, the way we walk, out facial expressions and the speeds at which we operate are all affected.
This is all part of the "fight or flight" response to stress.
In order to reach a relaxed state it is important to not only recognise but reverse this tension.
The body relaxation technique works in conjunction with breathing and visualisation.
To put this to best effect breathing, visualisation and action need to work together.
So in order relax the body the subject needs to tense the individual muscle groups then deliberately relax them in turn.
It is best to follow a sequence starting at the toes then feet.
Moving up to the calf muscles, then knees, thighs, groin, stomach, chest, shoulders, fingers, hands, wrists, lower arms, upper arms, neck, face and head.
This pattern creates a wave starting from the bottom and works up towards the head.
This process works best if the exercise is repeated twice in each area before moving on.
Whilst doing then tensions and releases, work them in pace with your breathing, so breath in and tense, hold for a few seconds (whatever is comfortable) then exhale and relax.
By synchronising the breathing with the tension and relaxation exercise the effect is maximised.
Also another aspect to include is visualisation of the tensions and relaxations.
You can use whatever imagery come to mind, but associate to what you are doing with your muscles.
The best visualisations picture something to represent your stress as you tension the muscles, and a letting go or evaporation of the stress as you relax.
By repeating this process of exercises, breathing and visualisations for each muscle group you enable your body and then mind to enter a deeply relaxed state.
From that state you will be able to commence the self hypnosis process and be free to work on you goals.
If you feel that you are still tense in an area go back and work on it again.
After a short while this process will become part of your day to day life, and a valuable tool to enable you to wind down.
This relaxation technique is not limited to self hypnosis and rather it can be used any time you identify that you are feeling stressed, anxious or worried.
There is a strong link between body and mind, and if you calm one you often calm the other.

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