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What Does Fear Have to Do With Empowerment?

We all feel fear at different points of our lives.
For some people the fear can be irrational and totally overwhelming in nature.
Many of us are frightened of certain aspects of life and are then disempowered from the fear.
Are you afraid of change? Do you experience anxiety when having to make difficult decisions? Does the anxiety make you freeze in your journey of change? There are companies that charge thousands of dollars to help people learn tools to empower them to thrive on change, to decrease the anxiety and to find decision making a fun challenge.
But isn't it possible for us to learn those tools ourselves without spending thousands of dollars? I think all of us have the ability and capability to learn empowering techniques to deal with changes in our lives.
  First, you need to understand that any change in the status quo of our lives can present us with fear of the unknown, anxiety over what the outcome may be, and a desire to keep things the way they are (even if they are terrible).
But that really makes our lives stagnant; we don't proceed ahead and don't have the opportunity to enjoy the wondrous and glorious changes that can benefit us.
  Second, realize that you will experience some fear when coming face to face with making a change in your life.
Know that this is normal and everyone experiences it.
However, it is how we manage the fear that makes the difference in our journey of life.
  Third, is the realization that anxiety can be useful for us.
Anxiety can help us to take action if we direct the anxiety in a useful manner.
If we let the anxiety produce negative thoughts and let it stop us in our actions we are not taking advantage of the positive effects that anxiety can produce.
Hence, we need to learn to master our anxiety.
  Fourth, understand that when we are faced with decisions that will have some sort of outcome on our lives it can be terribly frightening, causing us to freeze and hold off on making any decision.
We have all felt this at some time in our lives.
But with the proper tools and a scientific method of making decisions we can benefit from our decision making.
If we don't make those difficult decisions in life that need to be made we will stay in the same place forever.
  If we are to be empowered in life it is important to understand how to deal with the fear, anxiety and challenges associated with change.
You can develop techniques for handling fear and be empowered to live a great life, one that you deserve to live!

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