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Need A Cure For Social Anxiety? Try This Technique

You may find when in a social situation that you start to feel anxious. This is when you wish you were aware of a cure for social anxiety!

Generally, you may begin feeling tense and you will feel certain that everyone's looking at you and not in positive way! The symptoms of social anxiety can arise anytime, but usually as soon as:

1) you become freshly acquainted with someone,

2) In public, someone takes the rise out of you,

3) you are engaged in some activity and you believe someone is watching you,

4) you are in the limelight for much too long,

5) you meet someone who's important,

6) you take part in an activity to break the ice and as a result you have to say something.

This list includes most situations that lead to social anxiety disorder, although it is not all-inclusive.

These situations often manifest bodily reactions like sweating heavily and thinking that your heart's about to burst, it's beating so fiercely.

Evidently, nobody enjoys feeling like this, so you're liable to adjust your habits to avoid them and you could catch yourself doing some of the following things:

1) speaking quietly so no-one can hear you,

2) rushing a sentence so it's quickly over,

3) keeping your opinions to yourself should they be different to other people's beliefs,

4) steering clear of any eye contact with somebody.

There are plenty of treatments available to fight social anxiety symptoms. These include numerous drugs to lessen the symptoms, and different forms of psychotherapy. While the drugs may assist in easing the symptoms, they won't focus on the main cause and so it may be worthwhile to study other options of conquering this affliction.

A type of psychotherapy which reports a noteworthy success rate is cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. Many individuals now live really enjoyable lives because of this form of treatment curing their social anxiety disorder.

If you are bothered by a social anxiety disorder, there are many self-help exercises you might try. Several of these involve you intentionally placing yourself in a situation that triggers your social anxiety symptoms. Clearly you have to tread with caution here and temperance is needed.

One method gets you to notice your feelings and thoughts when you are in a worrying environment. Think about the scenario where you are introduced to someone you've never met in your life.

You might straight off think stuff like 'I am going to sound squeaky and end up embarrassed' or 'I'm certain I'll come out with something stupid and look a complete jerk'. Here's what you do should that happen.

Adjust your thoughts immediately. Moderate your breathing and say to yourself, something like 'My voice is fine and pleasant to listen to. This man is going to discover I'm interesting to talk to.'

By the way, you must visualise these things taking place, also. Repeated frequently enough, this will fool the mind into believing this is the real you. Rapidly it will be and your troubles will be finished as you will have applied a cure for social anxiety that works.

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